Pink Cream Phone Case

Vanilla Girl has really exciting news and something Gorgeous that we would like to share with You :-)

It s iPhone 4 Cover
Hand Made by Vanilla Girl


To be the very Legit owner of this case, please go to Vanilla Girl Facebook Page , share the picture of the case,
Comment under the picture of the Phone case, and like the picture of the case.

Once all 3 complete,I will add Your name to the list of participants.

On Friday a neutral person will pick a winner by drawing the winners name ‘outta hat’-……NOT…. lol..
Well, the names will be on little pieces of papers folded and put in some tray and I ll ask a neutral person to draw a winner and someone to witness ‘the picking’

I think that sounds pretty fair.

Thanks for sharing Girls x
Vanilla Girl

Pink Gel nails and Ploka Dots

One more lovely set of Pink Polka dots




So love them :-)

Blue summer nails

Once again I had someone nice visiting Vanilla Girl wanting her beautiful blue summer nails back :-)

Wish Granted :-)